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Wall Mount Model: SWQCRO-WM-50

The Safeway Water® Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is the best “final barrier” money can buy.
Reverse Osmosis technology is recognized worldwide as the leading technology available to remove harmful drinking water contaminants, including metals, salts, Trihalomethanes, Fluoride, Barium, some forms of Radium, VOCs, PCBs, sediment, Copper, total dissolved solids and more!

Make high quality drinking water an important part of living a healthy lifestyle!
All age groups deserve contaminant-free drinking water for better health, and the peace of mind, knowing you and your love ones are better protected from harmful drinking water impurities. Live a healthy lifestyle with Safeway Water!

The “Final Barrier”
The Water Quality Association describes the “final barrier” as “the use of drinking water filtration systems to ensure quality drinking water is available at the water faucet”. Use of the “final barrier” can address the following:

  • Harmful by-products formed during chlorination.
  • Corrosion, which may damage appliances.
  • Microbiological contaminants.
  • Trace levels of unregulated contaminants, such as pharmaceuticals.
  • Improved water quality for pregnant women, children, seniors and anyone who prefers a healthy lifestyle.

Focus on The 1% percent
Only one percent of the water you use actually goes into your body. This is why providing water treatment at a central location to drinking water quality standards is wasteful and inefficient. After all, 99 out of every 100 gallons of municipal water is used to water lawns, flush toilets, fight fires, wash clothing and automobiles, showering, brushing and a host of other external uses.

Here is why it’s safest and best:

  • Advanced design, with easy to change twist-n-turn filter cartridges and membrane.
  • Hinged bracket for easy access to replacement elements.
  • No service calls simply to replace cartridges.
  • Flow shuts off automatically when cartridges are removed.
  • Polypro storage tank will not rust.
  • Designer faucet included!


  • Pre-filtration for sediment and particulate.
  • Pre-filtration with activated carbon to remove chlorine, taste, odors and many chemicals.
  • RO membrane to remove harmful drinking water contaminants, which are in solution.
  • Storage tank.
  • Post filtration with granular activated carbon to polish the water and provide a sweet taste.
  • You get great tasting, high quality drinking water from the dedicated chrome faucet.
Download the Wall Mount Model: SWQCRO-WM-50 brochure here