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Our superior water softener eliminates hardness and iron/manganese, while improving your home’s water efficiency by up to 40%.

Soft water means cleaner laundry, more cleaning power from household soaps, less cleaning and a cleaner conscience.

Soft water means more satisfaction

  • Spot-free dishes
  • Easier cleaning ability
  • Cleaner laundry
  • Softer skin
  • Less soap and cleaning products can be used
  • Better looking faucets and fixtures with no scale buildup
  • Longer lasting appliances
  • Improve energy efficiency

Stands up to hard water and high expectations.
Our premium water softener features the industry’s best components, giving you long-lasting performance year after year. Our SoftMAX models can meet any of your softening needs.

Environmentally friendly
The SoftMAX is fully-automated and measures exactly how much water is flowing through the system, regenerating only when needed. This provides a water efficiency improvement of more than 40% over industry standard softeners. With low, safe energy requirements of only 12-VAC, using less than $2 per year of electricity, the SoftMAX is not only efficient, but a great cost-effective option for your home.

Cost effective
SoftMAX is proven to save you money by improving hot water heater efficiency by up to 30%. You can also cut down on soap and cleaning supply use by up to 50%. It also protects the life of your dishwasher, coffee maker and other appliances that use water.

Great value
Commercial-grade components provide long-lasting durability, while the fully-programmable valve lets you adjust the system to meet your specific water softening needs. The SoftMAX fits your life and your budget.

Impressive soft water
The reliable SoftMAX with high-quality softening resin ensures all the benefits of soft water, including spot-free dishes, cleaner laundry, softer skin, better performing water fixtures and longer-lasting appliances.

System features

  • Fully-automated electronic metered control valve that is 40% more water efficient than the competition.
  • Whole-housesolutionengineeredwithfewermovingpartsforlessmaintenance.
  • Anticipates water usage to ensure you have great water whenever you need it.
  • User-friendly programming and intuitive LCD display.
  • Advanced programming and service diagnostic features built in.
  • Integrated PC chip with Ultra-High-Efficiency (UHE) programming for maximum salt and water conservation.
  • High quality 8% cross-link softening resin.
  • Low energy requirements of only 12-VAC, which means typical annual electricity costs of less than $2 per year.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet specific needs.
  • Built to last with commercial-grade, corrosion-resistant components.
  • Components certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 44 and/or 61.

How it works

  • Untreated water flows through water softening resins.
  • Resins soften water by reducing calcium and magnesium in water.
  • Water flows up through fluidized SaltfreeMAX media that causes calcium and magnesium (hardness ions) to form into nano-crystals.
  • Soft water enters your home, providing cleaner laundry, softer skin, easier cleaning, as well as soap, energy, and appliance savings.
  • The system uses a salt (brine) solution to clean and recharge the resin, while releasing hardness down the drain.
Download the SoftMAX brochure here