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This proven multi-resin process also removes chlorine taste and odor while reducing that slippery feel often associated with softened water.

It does all this without the need for costly filter changes, creating the ultimate quality water. And that’s just the beginning of why the Reionator is so extraordinary.

The Ultimate in Soft Water

For the absolute best water softening experience, look to the Reionator’s premium softening resin to deliver all the benefits of soft water including scale-free dishes, cleaner laundry, softer skin, better performing water fixtures and longer lasting appliances.

Proprietary Multi-Resin Technology
Our unique resin mixture allows the Reionator to do much more than a typical water softener. In addition to eliminating hardness and iron, the Reionator also removes or reduces chlorine, lead, sulfates and nitrates.

Improves Taste and Odor
The Reionator removes chlorine taste and odor without the expense of routine filter replacement, making your beverages and ice consistently taste better.

Reduces Slippery Feel
Typical water softeners often leave a slippery feel on your skin. The Reionator’s unique process reduces the slippery feel, leaving your skin soft and refreshed.

Cost Effective
Proven to improve your hot water heater efficiency by up to 30%, cut down on soap and cleaning product use by up to 50% and also protect the life of your appliances that circulate water.

Environmentally Friendly
The fully-automated system measures exactly how much water is flowing through the system and only regenerates when needed, providing a water and salt efficiency improvement of more than 40% over industry-standard softeners.

Only the Best Materials and Components
When only the best materials and components will do, the Reionator will exceed your expectations with the highest quality materials and best-in-industry resin for ultimate durability.

The System

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Triton Control Valve
The fully-automated, electronic metered control valve with ultra-high-efficiency programming anticipates usage, making it 40% more efficient than the competition in water and salt conservation. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and built-in diagnostic service features have low-energy requirements of only 12-VAC; typical annual electricity costs less than $2 per year to operate this valve.

Reionator Tank
A best-in-industry fiberglass/polyethylene tank with excellent strength and durability for reliable performance everyday.

Multi-Media Resin
A proprietary Multi-Resin technology allows the Reionator to do much more than a typical water softener. In addition to eliminating hardness and iron, it also removes/reduces chlorine, lead, sulfates and nitrates. The media blend can also be regenerated so it doesn’t need to be replaced like other systems.

High-Impact Molded Salt Tank
A molded, durable salt tank creates regeneration salt (brine) solution. The commercial-grade parts and components ensure your system performs at its peak while providing you peace of mind.

How it works

  • Untreated water flows through water softening resins.
  • Resins soften water by reducing calcium and magnesium in water.
  • Water flows up through fluidized SaltfreeMAX media that causes calcium and magnesium (hardness ions) to form into nano-crystals.
  • Soft water enters your home, providing cleaner laundry, softer skin, easier cleaning, as well as soap, energy, and appliance savings.
  • The system uses a salt (brine) solution to clean and recharge the resin, while releasing hardness down the drain.


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